Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life on other planets

In the car on the way home yesterday, Bookworm was explaining to us that she had learned that Pluto used to be a planet. (Hearing this made me feel my age a little, though perhaps not as badly as the time I told Bookworm she sounded like a broken record, only to have her ask what that is.)

Anyway, Bookworm went on to explain that now we know that Pluto is just a dwarf planet. To which Buzz replied:

"You mean, dwarves live there?"


  1. Well sure. After all, isn't that where dwarves come from? I'm certain it's where Iluvatar put the dwarves after his lesser god Aule made them before Iluvatar made the elves and man. They had to slumber for thousands of years until Iluvatar said they could come to Earth and start living. Periodically Aule would release another Durin from this original group to lead the dwarves and help them thrive. I'm certain there are at least three more Durin's sleeping there. Or is my geek showing too much?

  2. Perhaps just a bit. But both of us were quite admiring. :)

  3. Have to add here that Bookworm was reading these the other day, and corrected me that she now knows what a record player is, "...because I've seen Toy Story 2."