Sunday, April 25, 2010

Look out, Spock

At the lunch table today:

Bookworm: What is pizza made of?

Doc: You know, crust--that's made of bread--and sauce, and toppings like cheese and pepperoni.

Bookworm: But where does it come from?

Doc and I (in concert): Pizza trees. (I know, it's worrisome that even one mind works like this; that ours do it together is more than a little scary.)

Bookworm (skeptical): Pizza trees? I've never seen any pizza trees.

Doc (in his element now): Oh, they grow over behind one of the pizza places in Haymarket.

Bookworm (knows she's been had now): That's not true!

(While Doc and I snicker, she proceeds to inform us of our mistake): There are no pizza places in Haymarket.
(Quick, hide the phone book!)


Wait, is it April already?

Oh yeah...I guess we kinda sped through Spring Break (3400 miles and seven pairs of shoes...more on that later) and the rest of the month has been kind of a blur...I had a great birthday, and Aslan and Buzz are having fun with soccer. I've broken down and joined Facebook, and as I expected, I just don't manage my time well enough to keep up with it. And my photo catalog has crashed (I can still access the photos, just not through PSE) so I'm behind uploading photos. I'll get to it, I promise. Maybe by the time school's out.

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