Sunday, October 25, 2009

Setting goals with moving targets

So Doc gathers the girls together this evening to tell them that we've decided to reorganize our weekday evening schedule a that we're juggling two different school schedules, piano lessons, Girl Scouts, and the occasional evening commitment for Doc, we need a little help making sure important things don't get missed. So to start with, he tells them, we're going to try to have dinner a bit earlier. From now on dinner will be at 5:30.

Their sequence:

Bookworm (who always comes home from school hungry): "Wow, that's great!"

Buzz (not completely certain change is a good thing): "When's 5:30?"

Aslan: "Mommy, can you blow my nose?"

Daisy: "Ba ba ba ba ba ba."

Somehow, all of this kind of put in a nutshell the reason why we need the more specific schedule to make sure homework, reading time and family prayers don't fall through the cracks...getting all six of us to arrive at any particular goal all at the same time can be quite an endeavor. But it also illustrates how entertaining the attempt can be. Wish us luck.

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