Friday, October 16, 2009

Put your best knee forward

I have to share this little video clip I shot today of Daisy's latest effort to keep up with the speed of the household that surrounds her. Although over the past week she has made a number of very short walking trips, on the order of 3-4 steps, she is still clearly discouraged by the difficulty in balancing her tall frame standing upright. After a couple of topples, she reverts to crawling, or attaches herself to a rolling toy or handy adult for support. Today she would hardly try at all, but I did manage to finally think to pull out the camera to catch a display of one of her other favorite alternatives for the last couple of weeks...namely, walking on her knees. I guess she figures it's progress toward her goal of being upright like everyone else, but it's easier to balance. And she's gotten quite good at it:

Now, if I could just get her to wear sponges on her knees, I could have a real floor-cleaning breakthrough on my hands...

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    That is just so cute. Thanks for sharing it.