Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not just another tea party

Buzz was telling me on the way home from preschool today about how they were studying what happened on the first Easter. Apparently she is under the impression that after Jesus died, he got arrested.

Been offline again for a while...kinda lost the last few weeks in a blur of the usual events plus taxes, the end of the Girl Scout cookie sale (whew!) and several sessions of Cub Scout training. No, that's not a typo. I was recently asked to chair the pack committee for our local Cub unit, which involves a big learning curve for a woman with four daughters. Until last week my only personal experience with the BSA consisted of the fact that my dad did a stint as my older brother's den parent when I was about five or six, which I remember only because of the time they did a candle-making activity which ended in my father's setting the kitchen floor on fire. After about six hours of introductory training, though, I have to admit being grudgingly impressed with the organization, and I am sure that if I go at it with the right attitude I will get a lot out of the experience.

Anyway, getting back to the fun of life with four daughters, I thought I'd put up this little piece of performance art created by Buzz and Aslan a few days ago. I think they are doing a nice job of not allowing themselves to be pigeonholed into conventional stereotypes of princess behavior. Enjoy!


  1. Very cute! They can get together with Noah sometime and sing "Bad to the Bone!"

  2. They have pretty good rythm! What an adorable video.