Sunday, March 15, 2009

Splitting Heirs

Well, Mom has been asking for more pictures, so here goes. Last week Bookworm requested a short haircut, which suited her father and me as it also seemed to be the only way to keep her from chewing on her hair. I told her I'd take her to the Hair Cuttery as the poor kid has inherited my straight, impossible-to-do-anything-with locks, but she protested that she hated their shampoos and begged me to do it. Flattering, yes, but also nerve-wracking. Anyway, here is the transformation:

And in the grand tradition of keeping up with your big sister, I immediately had two more haircut requests from the peanut gallery:

So I guess if the teaching thing doesn't pan out for me, I can always go to work for the Hair Cuttery. As a shampooer.


  1. Good job on the haircuts. I'm terrible at cutting hair. That's pretty funny that they all wanted haircuts. Cute!

  2. I love the haircuts! I think you did a good job, both of the girls look way cute!