Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A much better use for Bull Run

We haven't had a family picture taken since Daisy has had enough hair to be visible at camera distance, so we figured it was about time. Our awesome friend Erika Johnson spent a chilly morning with us last Saturday at the Stone Bridge in the Manassas Battlefield, and we managed to produce this:
I'll post a few of the others on FB, but the uploader on this thing is a bit clunky, and I should be making dinner right now.

It's been another whirlwind month...and Doc and I have just volunteered to run a Cub Scout den in our copious spare time, so it's not going to get any less crazy any time soon. But I'm sure it will continue to be fun. My only real memory of Cub Scouts as a kid was being there on the fringes of my brother's den once when they were making candles in our kitchen and my dad, while trying to clean up the leftover wax, managed to set the kitchen floor on fire. Since we have wood floors, I will be extra careful during any candle-making.

Happy birthday, Dad. Miss you.

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