Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eggcellent News

Yesterday, having scored a negative allergy skin test for egg at her recent check up, Aslan underwent what is known as the "graded food challenge." This was an egghausting 2-hour trial in which she sampled a small bite of egg, waited 20 minutes, then got a slightly bigger bite, and so on, all the while being monitored for possible reactions. She's a tough chick; she didn't complain about the wait, just sat and read stories, colored pictures, and dressed and undressed the sticker princesses in the activity book in the waiting room over and over. I was pretty fried by the end, but she kept her reaction in the shell until the doctor finally announced that she was certified grade-A egg allergy free. Then she got a devilish smile on her face and inquired, "Can we get doughnuts now?"

Unfortunately, that celebration got scrambled by the revelation that our favorite doughnuts also contain soy flour. Some other allergen always manages to poach on her fun! So we got bakery muffins instead. That got her sunny side back up.

So, Aslan is now back to eating eggs, regular cupcakes and pancakes, and a number of other treats she has been denied for a year. Her soy sensitivity is still there, but seems to have diminished, and the doc is hopeful we may unload that one in another year or two. Then she really would be full of beans again...but for now, at least her yolk is (over) easy.


  1. Wow Christine, how'd you come up with all those egg references? I'm impressed. And I'm not eggsaggurating.

  2. Thanks, Heather. That's a nice stroke to my eggo.