Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Lots of "finallys" happening this week:

FINALLY the kids are going back to school today, at least on a 2-hour delay. If there are no more missed days this month, they will have had all of 9 school days in February. At least they're glad to be going back; Buzz actually burst into tears Monday night at the news it had been called again for yesterday. Poor kid has had her class Valentines ready for days. You're only in kindergarten once.

Finally--Daisy has, this past week, actually gotten the hang of using a spoon. In typical fashion, for her: I've just been letting her use her fingers lately, as I got tired of picking it all up off the floor. But once she realized that everybody else was getting to eat with a toy that she didn't have, she started to rebel at eating even foods she liked until I gave her one too. We're going to have to watch out for this one.

Oh, and I tried pulling her lengthening bangs back in her first ponytail yesterday. Unfortunately they are not thickening, just lengthening, but it was still pretty cute. I'll post a picture as soon as I download them.

And not least...finally I may have to break down and join Facebook. Went looking for the date to my upcoming high school reunion recently, and apparently it's been set for six months, but no word from anyone...except on a Facebook page, with a link to join an email list. So if I want an invite to my own reunion, I guess I have to saddle up. Sigh. I'll find the time somehow.

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