Saturday, November 28, 2009

Things I'm thankful for

Ok, so I'm getting way behind again in my goal of writing regularly. This holiday weekend seems like an ideal time to stop making excuses.

We spent Thanksgiving this year with Doc's extended family, many of whom gathered nearby for a mini-reunion. It was definitely an occasion for counting blessings.

My four healthy and beautiful children are blessings I thank God for on a daily basis. Who wouldn't be thankful for smiles like these! And in this case I am also thankful for Doc's ingenious aunt and uncle who came armed with an entire roomful of art projects to occupy the small fry in attendance. The beading, painting, and weaving opportunities actually kept about 20 or so under 10's nearly whine free for hours. That's pretty magical stuff.

Some people have to celebrate holidays alone. We had enough family to fill this room.

And some of them are even goofy enough to appreciate my sense of humor.

Yeah, 'nuff said.

Quite an occasion to appreciate a bounteous table. At this point I should also mention my gratitude that this was not my kitchen. Though with all the hands to help, cleanup really wasn't so terrible...

...especially with a few brave souls willing to help the kids work it off with a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose.

I also have to mention that at this time of year I am happy to be in a place where the leaves change color. I am also thankful that there are not this many of them in my yard.

I think the standout moment of the day for me, though, was this opening act at the traditional (for Doc's very musical family) potluck concert that accompanies any gathering. This was Bookworm's first performance outside our living room. I've enjoyed hearing her practice ever since she started lessons earlier this fall, but what really amazed me was her eagerness to get up and play in front of so many people--family, yes, but many of them were strangers to her at the start of the day. Bookworm's extreme shyness at speaking up, even in front of her classmates, was her teacher's one real point of concern at our recent fall conference, and a point we've been aware of for some time. Evidently this shyness does not extend to musical performance, much to my delight. Enjoy!

(Unfortunately, she started without any warning and it took a moment to get the camera out because of the toddler in my lap, so I missed the first few bars. My mistake, not hers. :)

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