Friday, August 21, 2009

Through pink-colored glasses

Bookworm got new glasses the other day...the poor kid has definitely taken my genes and gone one better as far as poor vision is concerned. Her eyes have gone from -1.0 to -2.25 in just a year. Fortunately, she is a good sport about it, and loves her new pink glasses.

Actually, she is generally a pretty good sport about most things, and is good at finding a bright spot in a disappointing situation. I was reflecting on this yesterday after an exchange which occurred when our new church magazines arrived. Our church puts out a children's periodical called the Friend, the arrival of which is one of the highlights of Bookworm's month. When she saw the September package sitting on our kitchen table, she pounced and had the table of contents open in a flash. Quickly scanning the titles, she exclaimed with delight:

"Oooh, look! 'Maddie's Grumpy Afternoon'! I love reading about other people's bad days."

After her father and I finished snickering, we asked her why.

"Because they always figure out how to make them better."

Nothing to snicker at there. Gotta hand it to those church magazines!

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  1. I have often wondered whether we nearsighted reader-persons learned to like to read because we could SEE the book reliably. Just now, looking at family group photos from when your father was a baby, I realized that I was the only one of The Seven who wore childhood glasses. I'd like to welcome her to our special club!