Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother Nature'd Better Not Mess With Mom

Bookworm had an assignment this week for her Brownie troop to write a letter to the President. Each Girl Scout was supposed to think about problems in our country and how she could ask the President to help her make changes.   Now, a little background:  Bookworm was in a school group last year that encouraged recycling and picking up of trash.  We encourage this at home as well, but with four kids frequently heading in three different directions when we're out and about (the fourth kid isn't walking yet!) I have had to be sharp a few times when Bookworm or Buzz take off in parking lots to pick up water bottles or drink cans left behind by the less-environmentally-conscious.  Apparently this conflict has reached the level of requiring executive intervention, as illustrated by the first draft of her letter:

Dear Barack Obama,
You are the 44th President of the United States!
But anyway, I have a problem.
Around stores and on my school playground people are littering all over the place.
I help Mother Nature by picking it up and either recycling it or throwing it away.
But that's another problem.
Mother doesn't want me wandering around picking up trash to help Mother Nature.
She says I can't clean up after everyone.
I don't know what to do to help Mother Nature if I can't pick up trash.
(signed her full name)

So, Mr. President, now you know...the real threat to our environment isn't deforestation or rampant industrialization.  It's the vengeful Mom sparring with Mother Nature with one hand, while trying to get four kids and a cartful of groceries into the car with the other.  Choose your side carefully.

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